End of the Age

South Solace in the Valley under attack

Session 1

The travelling puppet show, owned and operated by Libby the Halfling, was headed into South Solace in the Valley when they ran across an ambush site. Two children led the travelers to their dying father in the woods. They had been attacked by a new, strange and savage breed of orc, previously unknown in this part of the world.

They continued on to South Solace and find it to have been recently sacked by these same orcs. The orcs had attacked the town, taken the towns’ beloved artifact, the Plough Stone , and moved on. The people had been gathered together in the town’s market place and were being executed by the remaining orc forces, told that one would die every hour until the town produced for the orcs the wizard responsible to maintain the Plough Stone.

The travelers disrupted the butchery, killing most of the orcs and capturing Mudfist, the leader. With information gained from him, they planned to attack the Living Dungeon the orcs made their base and rescue the villagers that had been kidnapped.


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